The IACPO was started in 2005 with a vision of gathering professional CPO’s under one big organization, giving members that have been in the business outstanding support and advising any newcomers on how to get the proper education and the right standards.


Regardless of training or experience, Country of origin or Operation, the IACPO welcomes anybody involved in CPO work, who has a genuine interest in joining our industry and raising our standards. As a future IACPO Member, you have to comply with the IACPO Standards, which will be explained to you, when you contact us for membership. Depending on membership level, you could be required to submit a valid and recent certificate of good conduct from the local authorities, pass our exam of close protection theory and submit 2 professional references from past workplaces.


From 2005 to now the IACPO has grown to list more than 500 members that range from fully operational to entry-level CPO’s just starting in the business. Through our forum, our members are able to build a network which extends around the globe, giving active members the extra edge, when planning and preparing to go with their clients to new areas of operation, getting local knowledge where needed, and getting tips on available CPO jobs.

We have recently refurbished our entire organisation, website and mission statement, so if there were ever a great time to join us, this is it!